For us, the first impressions are very important in the first meeting so that we can better understand themselves and they will also understand us better.
LINH and NAM The couple was fun and sociable. We share a lot about culture – country – people, personal stories about family, friends and work. A great meeting.
And there is one detail that makes us deeply moved. Each time they talk, they always mention the homeland of Vietnam.
When there is always the image of the red flag with the yellow star and the mind in the human mind, the sound inside the mind always resounds with the words “VIETNAM”. That is a very sacred thing.
And it is like the inspirations that are flowing so strong in our whole body, knowing that you always look to your homeland IN VIETNAM.
Our minds say, “I will do my job well, to help you have beautiful stories in your native Vietnam, and you can bring your own story, tell you in France knows that our Vietnamese homeland is really beautiful and rich in tradition.
Nam Nguyen is of Vietnamese descent but he was born and raised in France, in a family that was not particularly friendly with Vietnam because they lived in Vietnam during the most difficult and difficult times. But he has a lot of love for his country of origin. He spent time studying Vietnamese, learning about Vietnamese Culture, listening to Vietnamese music, drinking Vietnamese coffee, and giving up the work of a relaxed and expensive software engineer to open a Vietnamese restaurant in France. . He always wonders why Koreans, Japanese people … when it comes to traditional costumes, to their traditional dishes are extremely proud, but for many Vietnamese, wearing a ao dai is nothing. That’s very annoying.
Nguyen Hong Linh – A Vietnamese student studying in France, then living and working in France, she identified herself as a Vietnamese who lost her roots, because she did not know much about Vietnamese traditions, many Vietnamese friends. other than asking her questions about her country, she didn’t know how to answer. It was not until she met Nam that she saw the precious and beautiful things about her country, and she realized that the people who lost their roots were not the Vietnamese expatriates, but the Vietnamese living and working. work in Vietnam.
Therefore, Nam and Linh, determined to build a small shop called “Hanoi corner” in France with the desire to bring Vietnam’s image to international friends and send a small message to young people about Vietnamese love. .
The wedding party of two people took place in Hanoi in a simple and rustic space, wooden tables, bamboo chopsticks tubes, crockery dishes …. conical hats, oil lamps, lotus flowers, lotus leaves …, The food is also very popular dishes: sticky rice with lotus seeds, soup ball, sauteed spinach with fat, divine fried beef …. The groom and bride wear a five-piece long-sleeved Ao Dai standing with buttons, together cut each other’s bread and share a piece of spicy ginger salt.
Beyond a normal wedding, it is a desire of a son away from home, always looking to his homeland, it is an inspiration for young people towards their roots, it is a connection with children. who is always proud of the Vietnamese tradition. And we feel so precious to be a part of that wedding party.
Always keep your love beautiful. Live happily, happily. And always towards the homeland of Vietnam. We love you and hope we can meet in our hometown VIETNAM or in FRANCE.
We want to give NAM & LINH some verses:
“Salt three years of salt are still salty
Ginger nine months, still spicy ginger
Sometimes we mean thick love
How far apart are they, thirty-six thousand days away. ”

Mirror Wedding Photographer
Planner, Concept, decoration & coordination: WedinStyle – The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam
The ancient five-piece long shirt: Ỷ VAN HIEN
Venue: Tam Vi