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Hi guys! We are Erika and Lanny. We’re so happy that you found us!

Our goal is bold and simple; we want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that transcend wedding photography. We believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be safe and boring. We don’t want to just give you photos, we want to give you works of art that will blow your mind, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare. And we work our butts off, pouring our hearts and souls into each and every wedding that we shoot, to do so!

Our adventures in wedding photography began on a mountain summit during our very first date. That’s when we discovered our mutual passion for adventure and each other. That’s where our fascination with light and love was born. And that’s when we started dreaming up new and exciting ways to see the world (and stories) through our cameras. That fascination led us through some of the most spectacular places on earth, where we learned and honed our skills documenting light and adventure. This background is paramount to the wedding photography team that we’ve become. It’s shaped our entire approach and philosophy, which is rooted in photojournalism, storytelling, and natural beauty.

With ambitious imagination, we set out to artfully capture the authentic story of your day as it unfolds in all int’s glorious reality. This allows you to truly experience the natural magic of your day, while we focus on capturing real, authentic behaviour and genuine emotion. While creating “epic portraits” (really cool photos of the two of you alone), we take a much more active role in directing and creating our own magic. We’ll worry about the light, composition, exposure, and everything else… all you have to do is have fun and enjoy each other. All the while, we’ll be doing what we strive to do best – seeking out authentic moments, beautiful light, and raw emotion… and mixing them all together magically within your photos.

At the heart of our art, is an insatiable love for life, each other and our two adorable little Manns – Madelyn and Timmy. We cherish life, love, and the beautifully unique memories we’re entrusted with. It’s an honour that will forever inspire our work.

We live amongst the mountains in Canmore, Canada, and are available to photograph your wedding anywhere on Earth.



  • Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful and lucky we are that we had the two of you celebrating and photographing our big day with us. We had such a blast with you guys all day long and felt 100% comfortable. The photos and memories you were able to capture are absolutely incredible; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. You guys are truly the best in your field and we feel so privileged that we got to enjoy our day with you. We’ll be bragging about you guys and our photos for a long time!

    Steph + Sabin

    Edmonton, Canada
  • The response to your photos has been a constant stream of praise, many joyful tears, and hearty laughs. You managed to capture every special moment with beautifully creative photos that we had never dreamt possible, even though they were happening all around us. It’s no wonder you lead the industry; your work is second to none and you make your clients feel like stars with such a genuinely personal – and yet professional – connection.

    Sabrina + Stefan

    Calgary, Canada
  • Not only were you able to find every conceivable detail, angle, lighting, reflection, backdrop, and moment, but we couldn’t believe how you went to absolutely any length to get “the shot”, even if it meant lying face down in a slushy puddle or putting in a non-stop 18 hour day. You guys are masochistic machines!

    Cathryn + Cliff

    Calgary, Canada
  • Our photographs are testament to how incredible you are at your craft. They represent the product of a team who connects – really connects – with their clients, and who pours their hearts and souls into every aspect of their photography. We will never be able to express our gratitude for these moments and we feel honoured to have had you capture our special day. Choosing Two Mann Studios was, hands down, the best decision we made in planning our entire wedding.

    Sarah + Nate

    Houston, Texas


As creative, storytelling photographers, we aim to artfully record and present the authentic story of your day… allowing you to truly experience the magic of your wedding day. We do that by unobtrusively capturing candid moments as they happen, without directing or intervening. This inconspicuous approach helps us capture the natural magic of your day, revealing the true essence and character of yourselves, your guests and your experience. When the time is right, we will also take a more active role in offering direction, making you shine brighter than ever by posing you in flattering, natural ways that don’t look or feel posed and contrived. We’re constantly dreaming up unique and creative perspectives, often going to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of an unbelievable shot. We’ll climb trees, wade barefoot across glacier-fed rivers, even shoot from within the deluge of a freezing water fountain. The end results are timeless images that speak for themselves. Bold, bright, unique and (most importantly) REAL.

Both of us for everything… bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, portraits, reception, dance, party… the entire experience. We provide complete, fully comprehensive coverage; with no limits on time, no limit on images taken, and no limit on locations… nothing to distract you from your perfect day, or us from our obsessive goal of telling the complete story of your day in the most beautiful and creative way possible.

Our goal is to tell your story… fully, completely and beautifully. In doing so, we emphasize quality over quantity, employing a “less is more” philosophy. We would rather give you a couple hundred “omgwtfwowholyshit” photographs, than a couple thousand “so-so-mediocre” ones. Our couples usually receive 500 to 1000 images, depending on the nature of their celebration.

We aim to floor you with a couple “sneak peeks” within a few days of your wedding. But the best things in life come to those who wait. Our creative commitment to you extends well beyond your wedding day. It generally takes us about 8 to 12 weeks to artistically master your images, prepare your web gallery, produce your slideshow and design your album (which will arrive, along with your USB drive, 6-8 weeks after final design approval).

Yes! This is an optional, fun and hilarious addition to our reception coverage. Basically, we bring along a 3rd photographer, a portable photo studio and hilarious props, and then capture the shenanigans. We can even do super cool custom backdrops.

Easy. Just contact us and we’ll arrange an opportunity for the four of us to get to know each other and ensure that we’re a perfect match. For destination weddings, everything can be done online. It takes ten minutes, after which you can count on us to be anywhere in the world, ready to photograph your special day.